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Wanda Reeves

Name:   Wanda Reeves             


Business Name:  Purple Rose Creative Designs


Tell us about yourself.

Currently, I live in Phoenix, Arizona. My family moved here in 1974 from Detroit, Michigan where I was born. I also lived in Los Angeles and Moreno Valley California. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Cal State Dominguez Hills in Communications. I am single, no human children, but I am a Mama to two little dogs, Rambo a Lhasa Apso, and Joshua a Miniature Poodle.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work or business?

I just bought a Cricut Maker! I’ll be busy learning how to use my new craft machine. Also, I’m learning to sew and do machine embroidery.

What is the best business or career advice you can give the women in the 50Something Women’s Network?

This past year has been challenging for so many businesses due to the pandemic. My best advice is to learn how to reinvent yourself. Look at your product through a different lens, and explore other uses the product can offer.

Tell us about your business.

My business, Purple Rose Creative Designs, is a craft company that was created to offer additional artistic resources for crafters. My “Epiphany Collection” is an African American inspired collection that has two Angelic African American rubber stamps available for crafting. These stamps can be used for all types of creative media.


Where do you find the most inspiration?

Inspiration for me comes from life itself - things I’ve learned and things I’m still learning!

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment(s)?

To date my greatest accomplishment is completing my courses in the School of Ministry. Going to ministry school is something my heart has wanted to do for a long time. I hope to be able to help others as Christ leads.


How has your involvement in the 50Something Women’s Network supported your personal or business life?


This network is awesome! The encouragement from women who are 5o and over with so many dreams, and goals of their own. It shows all of us in this age bracket that life is still fulfilling.


Why did you join the network?


I joined because I could see myself in the women represented. I wanted to collaborate with others who also have high aspirations.


How can members support you?


Encouragement and word of mouth to others interested in arts and crafts that my company exists would be appreciated.

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