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February 2021

Kimberly Todd-Tullos

Kimberly Todd-Tulles.jpg

Name:   Kimberly Todd-Tullos                    


Business Name:  Legalshield

Website: and

Tell us about yourself.

I am an artist, connector, advocate and speaker.  Originally from Massachusetts, I graduated from Suffolk University in Boston with a BS in Journalism/Communication. In 1985, I migrated to California to explore new horizons with FedEx.

I presently live in Pacoima, in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California.  In 1993, I married my soul mate, Archie J. Tullos and celebrated 27 years of life adventures on August 14, 2020   I am devoted to my church, SOUMC, (Sherman Oaks United Methodist Church), and serve as a certified Lay Speaker, Worship Design team and Choir member.


What are your hobbies and interests outside of work or business?

I LOVE personal and professional development.  I get excited about working on my BEST self and what that means in my connection to other.  My lifetime learning includes books (I love to read), listening to podcasts, and affirmations. I ‘m part of a book of the month club and the weekly host of a mastermind group called “Word for the Day.”

I am a huge fan of Toastmasters and presently serve the Burbank Toastmasters club as VP of Membership.  Creative interests include my own inventive Fabric Art greeting cards (presently taking them to a digital platform), crafting, journaling, singing, and participation in mastermind groups.  

Tell us about your business.

I am a referral-based small business consultant who loves serving small business owners with professional services to create greater productivity and increase profits while treating them in a very special way.


Since 2005, I have been part of a revolution and thrive on helping people, especially business owners, find solutions and embrace a lifestyle of access, freedom and choice. 

Through workshops and networking, I educate on how to be protected and empowered in today’s economy.   My services include, legal, identity theft restoration/privacy and marketing/customer engagement. With innovative apps, I coach my clients how to ‘tap their app’ to access proactive and preventative resources, peace of mind or explore a cutting-edge marketing platform to stay “top of mind.”


 Where do you find the most inspiration?

I find most of my inspiration from music, conversation and especially, nature. When I look at a bird, I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness and if that bird isn’t stressing about its next meal, I too will be cared for. 

I am crazy about taking pictures of nature (trees, leaves, flowers, the sky…).  I love capturing pictures of trees that have weathered storms, drought, wind, and rain, yet they stand tall and strong. I love the sky, expansive, moving, fluid in change, and sunlight and warmth just beyond gray clouds. I love flowers that effortlessly bloom wherever they are planted. Yes, nature speaks to my soul on a daily basis.  One day I want to write a book about the personality of trees! 


What would you consider your greatest accomplishment(s)?

Some of my greatest accomplishments include (1) making my Lord and Savior the center of my life and reminding myself daily how forgiven and free I really am; (2) courage to LEAVE the small town of Pittsfield, MA. to attend college in Boston, leave Boston and relocate to Los Angeles to further my career in Fedex; (3) honoring my mother’s memory to live life with resiliency, faith, enthusiasm and energy that goes way beyond me.  I’m excited about the ripple effect I cause by giving myself permission to be my authentic self and the confidence to know I’m enough; and (4) living and loving in a vital exciting marriage with a man who cherishes me and awake to never take it for granted and grateful to God for answering my prayer.


What is the best business or career advice you can give the women in the 50Something Women’s Network?

I believe we are living in a season where self-care must be a fundamental part of our daily routine.  Because we’re connecting on a virtual platform and the camera can pick up things as well as amplify things, we give ourselves a huge advantage by continual nourishment.  A well-fed soul is going to “show up” much differently than a starving one.  We don’t have time to hide behind an invisible mask as we’ve all done in the past.

We need to care for ourselves at our core in order to grow a thriving successful business, write a book, pivot toward a new career, or do whatever the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) might be.  Safe communities and systems of support are essential.  We’ve got to learn to exercise even if our gyms have closed; re-learn eating habits; and be aware of the time spent binge watching and sitting at the computer. 


Most important is to take inventory of what your running dialogue is to yourself.  Is it positive, uplifting, hopeful, can do?  Do you meditate, take walks or buy yourself flowers?  What do you do for yourself to feel wonderful?  I host a weekly 15-minute Celebration zoom call.  It’s basically, accountability on what I’ve done to celebrate myself and others for the week?  The majority of the people on the call are busy mompreneurs. One is a physician, and we celebrate each other and then pray.  Dr. Caroline Leaf, author of Who Shut off My Brain, says if we don’t celebrate our wins, our brain won’t even recognize a memory of it. It’ll be like it never happened.  Who wants to live life like that? 

Take good care of you and be holistic about it.  Create or design your own ‘be well’ plan as part of your business strategy and see what happens.  See how you “show up.”

How has your involvement in the 50Something Women’s Network supported your personal or business life?

One of my greatest DREAMS came true in the 50Something Network.  Getting my story published along with seven other women was a game-changer for me.  I busted the stories in my head that said I didn’t have anything to say and wouldn’t find the connection and resources to make it happen. 

There is deep connection when someone shares their story.  I’m looking forward to getting to know some of the new members who joined after the Becoming 50Something book, reaching out to hear their story and grow relationships and collaborations.


Why did you join the network?

I joined the network because I was invited and connected with Cheryl Garrison and experienced her passion to challenge us all to reinvent ourselves. It’s our time! It’s our turn and we truly deserve the opportunity to not only dream again, but to slap some reality, community and accountability around those dreams and watch things happen.  I joined to have the chance to create some new authentic relationships and collaborate with the awesome women in this community.


How can members support you?

I think a brainstorm session or mastermind on how we could support each other would be insightful.

Pam Smith, my accountability partner in the 50Something Women’s Network, has become a friend and coach.  Her weight release story has given me the hope I needed. Her encouragement has been instrumental in helping me out of my head and into acceptance of my body.  Pam’s transparency and kindness has had a huge impact on my health/weight release journey. 

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